Waldnaabtal massages

Relax with our massages

During your stay in our hotel, we will pamper you with selected massages. It is best to book your massage with you during your stay.

Aromatic oil massage

20 Minutes

EUR 19,-

The aroma massage (on the back) is a relaxing, soothing massage with valuable aroma essences. The oils are gently massaged into the skin.

Partial body massage

30 Minutes

EUR 29,-

Back, neck and arms – perfect for relaxing, revitalizing or relaxing. Choose between a warm massage oil, an invigorating rub or a powerful massage with arnica oil.


15 Minutes

EUR 15,-

The oils used stimulate blood circulation.

With our sauna you have the choice between “Finnish sauna” or “Bio sauna”.


The classic Finnish sauna is characterized by high temperatures of 80 ° C to 100 ° C. A very low humidity makes these high temperatures bearable.


At temperatures between 50 ° C and 70 ° C, sweating more gently in the soft sauna or bio sauna. The air humidity is around 20% to 40% higher than in the classic sauna. The lower temperatures heat the body more slowly and protect the circulation.


Our low-temperature infrared cabin can help alleviate symptoms of the musculoskeletal system. It is the perfect addition to the sauna.